Blazing World book tour day 1-2

Mike in Toronto

Rock Tumbler

Our friend Jeremy Holmes has started a program called Rock Tumbler, in which he is basically is taking all broken and/or unwanted musical equipment, fixing it and giving them to underprivileged kids in the NS area. Check out the link…

Mike Murphy blog/online journal thing

Click here to read Mike’s blog. Should be a fun read.

A Description of the Blazing World

My brother Michael, the other half of Postdata and who I’d probably describe as the better half if it didn’t bring to mind sibling marriage, has written a really cool book. I realized that I hadn’t said anything about this yet on this site but it is really lovely and I think “news worthy” as far as Postdata news goes, so if you’re into books, check it out here!

A holiday offering from Postdata

Hey there Postdata friends/enthusiasts. Another year whistling by. I had a dream last night in which it turned out that Santa Claus was real. I was at a party and he was there, digging in [I dare say] a little heavily into the punch. He was in good enough spirits I suppose but I kept feeling a cold vibe from him, as if he really held against me all those years of non-belief. Maybe he just wanted all the punch. Bastard. Anyway, it made me feel guilty. Not guilty, but maybe it just made me feel like giving. And so here is a couple songs that weren’t included on the Postdata s/t album proper.. Recorded with Mike during an Easter break. What is with all the work on holiday weekends?! I have to start thinking about Christmas lit, not specifically Christmas in theme, just something to read on my travels to Yarmouth. Any suggestions?


Tobias Grey official video

Holy moly.. Click here to link to Tobias Grey video.. Thanks Chris & Nicole..



more live video stuff.. from the verge in toronto.. “coroner”.. hope you like.


Yo.. Tim & I did a fun live performance video thing with Scott Cudmore in Paris a couple of months ago.. Thanks for posting this Scott.. I will post it here for now & it will be available to link from in the media section after this post goes further down the post list into obscurity. I still feel like no one reads this damn thing.. I just looked into it and half the replies to topics are from me.. but hey, just in case you really are there and maybe just too shy : )


Me band has a new single posted on our site.. hope you likes.. it was posted a couple days ago so you might have heard it already.. okeee.

Black Sheep Inn

Tonight.. CBC is taping, which is such an honor but also scary in some way.. They have good mics.. Quebec city last night, Westmalle doubles.. Mmh… Sorry I haven’t been keeping in touch.. Will try to write something tomorrow. Promise.. Julie Fader is doing a daily twitter thing though.. I will post a ink to that soon.