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Shivering Songs Live Vid

Shadowless.. Tentative title.. Newish..

Tour wrap

Thanks everyone for coming out to these shows. Probably won’t have the chance to tour much more of this in the near future. Was some really great hangs. Listening to the new Paper Beat Scissors record on the drove back with Timmy D. Nice soundtrack to the drive do far. And now Vancouver Divorce by […]

Shivering Songs tonight

Very excited to see this and to do this. I think we are on stage at 8pm. Pretty sure. Yes.


The namesake of a very scary horror movie character (when I was 13 I thought he was scary anyway). My friend always watched horror movies, and I was so scared of them I used to actually call home and get my mom to pick me up if we had to watch one, and id make […]

C. de Pirate Laval

Still no sign of Harper and we gots a show to play in Laval. Thanks so much Ottawa!! Really wonderful time at Mavericks. Opening for Coeur de Pirate tonight. Think we start at around 8. Gonna be a short set so come early if you can!!


Yes!! Merci Kingston for the fun times. V, you’re the best. Ottawa tonight Mavericks. Should be a blast. I think we are on at 10 pm. See you there!