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Me band has a new single posted on our site.. hope you likes.. it was posted a couple days ago so you might have heard it already.. okeee.

Black Sheep Inn

Tonight.. CBC is taping, which is such an honor but also scary in some way.. They have good mics.. Quebec city last night, Westmalle doubles.. Mmh… Sorry I haven’t been keeping in touch.. Will try to write something tomorrow. Promise.. Julie Fader is doing a daily twitter thing though.. I will post a ink to […]

Music Gallery tonight!!

I guess the subject of this message says it all.. Hope to see you there.. P


So it begins..

Thai food or sitting in or Better Living Through Chemistry

Major Chem 1: Yeah.. And to think that it is just all a bunch of chemicals.. I can have an entire conversation with a good friend of mine and it means so much.. Laughing, talking.. Intense sort of revelations.. and that’s great.. Our chemistry melds together and we get what we need from each other […]

Quebec City Date Added..

Please see tour dates section for info..


Oui.. back in Montreal.. Enjoying a Bigelow breakfast.. Going to talk on a radio show today.. CKDU.. 2 pm ET.