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Language Arts.

Hey.. These dudes are sweet hearts & pals.. I heard that they are touring Canada at the same as I am.. Here is a link.. Check ’em out..

Old Wounds

I mega wiped out a few days ago.. Icy Montreal streets. And my hands were in my pockets, so nothing to break the fall except my knee and my elbow. Glad my head is okay.. Jet lagged but okay.. But anyway, it was so painful, and it still is actually, the cut.. There’s a cut […]


Canada lost against the US last night, which is not nice.. Vancouver is warm, which is nice.. CBC 3 live radio interview tomorrow, feb 23 2010, at 2 pm Pacific for those interested.. I am pretty funny live.. That is an attempt to sway you into listening / at a joke.. You know this..  OLYMPICS!!

Postdata, Brian Borcherdt, Julie Fader, Clinton St.John tour CANADA

I was browsing on the internet today on the POSTDATA Facebook page and realized that this event was already public knowledge.. Facebook, you win again.. I have known about it for a while actually but have been holding it secret for some reason, one of those things.. you feel like if you say it aloud […]


Din Nye Ven last night was so amazing.. Had to get up at 6 am today after too much beers with fun Copenhagers.. Thanks for the digs Kaspar.. I haven’t slept that close to Tim in years:) Arrived in Dublin at 11:30 AM thinking about James Joyce & Guinness, a healthy blend of the two […]


I’ve been logging & charting out my hours of sleep over the past few days.. My friend Stacey bough an APP for her Iphone that does this too apparently, logs sleep.. charts and graphs it.. It tells her how deep or shallow she is sleeping at different points in the night. and also the amount […]